Unprocessed foods may be more fattening than healthier fast-food options

Unprocessed foods may be more fattening than healthier fast food dining alternatives, says one expert


An article recently published by The UK Daily Mail describes the controversy surrounding Author David Freeman, whose argues that fast food industries should focus on expanding or changing their menus to include healthy options instead of completely banning fast foods. Freeman argues that the majority of the population will not be content to eat unprocessed “real” foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Freedman believes that despite their efforts, the media is ignoring fast food chains when it comes to their attempts to create healthier fast food menu options. Take McDonalds, for example. They have fresh yogurt, egg white mcmuffins and oatmeal available for people to purchase, but because they still contain processed ingredients the media has criticized their efforts. Freeman also explains that many “clean” and “real” foods have many more calories, carbohydrates, and fat than ingredients such as the Egg White Delight McMuffin. According to Freeman, Trader Joe’s “Inner Peas” (a product that contains fried peas that have been smothered in sunflower oil) have six times the amount of fat as something relatively simple at a fast food chain.

Given the rising rates of obesity related diseases and associated healthcare costs, Freeman has caused major controversy among experts and unprocessed foods. Professor of Illinois, Lisa Powell, disagrees with Freeman. “If the government came into these communities and installed Brita filters under their sinks, they’d drink water instead of coke.”