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WRAP Plication

New! WaldrepWRAP Gastric Plication

WRAP is a new stomach re-shaping procedure that may revolutionize weight loss surgery, without the need to open, cut, rearrange, remove part of the stomach, or leave a plastic device inside.

WRAP is an effective, outpatient minimally invasive technique that rapidly became the first choice for most of our patients since 2009.


  • is an outpatient procedure
  • does not open, staple, divide, or rearrange the intestinal tract
  • does not cut away and discard healthy stomach
  • does not leave an artificial device inside the body that requires needle-stick adjustments; or repairs, replacements, repositioning, or removal
  • does not require an overnight hospital stay- Patients return home the same day!

The surgery is performed using 5 millimeter incisions – about the size of a button-hole in a dress shirt – that can be covered with paper tapes the size of postage stamps.

When effective, a person eats less food to feel satisfied; less food means less calories, leading to a lower body weight. This technique should be used with an effort to decrease calories by taking an appropriate diet.

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WRAP Plication


Gastric Bypass

Using minimally invasive, 5 and 12 millimeter incisions, the stomach is separated into two sections: a smaller upper section about the size of your thumb, and a larger lower “bypassed” section. The small upper ‘pouch’ is designed to allow a person to feel full after eating much less food than before. The small intestine is divided in two and the lower intestine is attached to the small pouch allowing food to “bypass” most of the stomach.

Gastric Bypass

  • Can be performed with 5 to 12 millimeter incisions small enough to be covered with postage stamps
  • Takes about 60 minutes for Dr. Waldrep to perform
  • Most patients leave after only one or two nights in the hospital


Gastric Banding

A silicone ring-shaped balloon is placed around the upper stomach through a tunnel created behind the stomach. The stomach is sutured around the band. Tightening or loosening the fit of the band involves puncturing a port beneath the skin with a needle every few weeks or months.

CURE Program offers both of the currently FDA-approved band devices: LapBand™ and Realize Band™.

People who choose gastric banding often say they prefer the ‘minimal’ effect it has on the stomach and intestines, the adjustable fit overtime, and the option of removal of the  band to essentially and easily return the body to its original anatomy.

Gastric Banding:

  • Can be performed with 5 millimeter incisions, and one 30 millimeter incision
  • Outpatient surgery takes about 15 to 30 minutes
  • No cutting of intestine
  • Anatomy remains normal
  • The inside of the stomach can still be examined with a camera or x-ray later


Gastric Sleeve

A small tube is passed through the stomach along the inside curve. The tube is used to map out a tube or “sleeve” of stomach. The rest of the stomach is divided and removed. The remaining small sleeve of stomach is designed to allow a person to feel full on much less food.

Gastric Sleeve

  • Can be performed with 5 millimeter incisions and one about 30 millimeters
  • Technique takes about 45-60 minutes
  • Sleeve can be performed as an outpatient procedure (return home the same day) in many patients, though patients may stay in the hospital one night.