Perspective is important

Always choose to make your perspective the most positive that you can imagine.  When you ask for what you need, don’t assume that you are going to get a “no.”  Take that risk to ask for whatever you need and want.  As we discussed last month, we know that there will be a lot of “so called ” rejection along the way – but all you have to do is look at  that “no” as something that brings you one step closer to the “yes” answer you seek.

1.      As you go through your day today, notice how you tell your own story.  Where does your attention and conversations go – past, present or future?  Ask yourself, “Is my dominant thought around this subject positive?” Why do I always seem to go to the past, present or future?  What would be the value of shifting that?  How can I live in the moment of “now?”

2.      Notice where others’ attention and conversations tend to gravitate. Where does their focus predominantly lie? Are they focused on positive aspects? Focusing mostly in the past can hold you back from achieving your goals and your dreams – unless you are focused on something that gave you great pleasure and has you feeling good in the present moment.

If you notice that your (or another’s focus) is on the negative, or geared to the past or future – stop the conversation right there, and intentionally change the conversation.  For example, rather than having a meeting to discuss how badly things are going in the economy and choosing to discuss whether or not we are going to have to raise our office fees, we can consciously choose to stop and deliberately change the focus to how we want things to be right now, what values and mission drives our business, and how we can become even better at what we do.  We can deliberately and intentionally focus on what went right for our practice in the past, what is going right currently with the approaches we are taking, and ask ourselves what will make it better  moving forward.