New Cosmetic Weight Loss Surgery

cosmetic weight loss surgeryThere is a surgery “new cosmetic weight loss surgery” that some feel is defining a new era of cosmetic weight loss. Women who continuously struggle to lose the same 20 to 30 pounds have been a forgotten population. As one patient expressed, “as women age, we face tremendous challenges with self-esteem and frustration. Unfortunately, the only proven long-term weight loss is traditional surgery, which is only offered only to the “morbidly” obese. We need something available to the everyday woman who invests hours working out and eating nutritious food, only to fail to lose those last stubborn pounds. It feels especially defeating when you try diet after diet, year after year.”

Dr. Donald J. Waldrep, Medical Director of CURE Centers of Southern California, is the innovator of the popular new weight loss procedure, WRAP, which stands for Weight Reduction Assistance Procedure. “Women interested in WRAP are younger, more mobile, and they see WRAP as the most effective way to achieve a healthier body weight.”

As a bariatric surgery advocate, Waldrep also notes another trend. “Women are much more confident to finally be able to choose a weight loss procedure ‘just to lose weight’ even for the benefit some may feel is cosmetic. Many women who would be very happy with choosing surgery feel intimidated by having to prove they are ‘too sick’ or ‘too heavy’. My hope is to see traditional barriers to weight loss surgery fall away.”

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