Lifestyle Design

Wellness Coaching

Lisa Janks Waldrep works with clients to use their powers of their mind to improve health. She conducts several small-group workshops, one-on-one coaching programs, and tools to maintain lifestyle commitments and enhance well being. At CURE Program with Lisa Waldrep, Psychology of Eating Specialist and Certified Professional Coach, you will discover Empowerment for Life. Schedule a free coaching session today!


Coaching Philosophy

True health includes the concept of a healthy lifestyle. Transforming a lifestyle begins the moment you make the decision to change. As empowerment specialists, the CURE Program Team knows that a healthy lifestyle is based on our habits.  CURE Program provides you with tools to follow fun and healthy choices. Through practical techniques, we teach you how to identify your gifts and develop an understanding of how to use them in a purposeful way. It empowers you to make conscious, healthy choices that lead to action and permanent results. We believe that in order to have a clear, energized path to a healthy lifestyle, we all must learn how to care for ourselves on all levels: physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Schedule a free coaching session today!

What Is the Psychology of Eating?

The new field of Psychology of Eating is an exciting and unique foundation. Psychology of Eating (POE)  is not psychotherapy or calorie counting. POE provides a foundation of understanding appetite, body, choices, and self  to serve as the very basis of transformation. Lisa Waldrep explores your own unique psychology of eating to establish a revitalized way of thinking. Schedule a free coaching session today!