Kick Emotional Eating’s Butt!


Today’s topic is being addressed by an emotional eater so we’re all in this together. For those who isolate themselves in being the worst case of emotional eating, I challenge you to keep reading.

I prefer to not slate the statistics of emotional eating because truthfully, human beings are emotional no matter which way you slice the cake. When I needed to feel something physically and immediately, food replaced the hug. Since we can’t snap our fingers for a hug, we’ll settle for the next fast relief which for us will always be food. WHY are we programmed this way? And HOW can we keep the urge at bay for good?

If you really think about your family and previous generations, you’ll notice that food surrounds a lot of your memories. Apart from holidays, food is a Band-Aid after a rough day at school or work. Your elders were likely to implement that which is not an act to be blamed for your issues. It would be wise however to recognize the pattern so we can make a connection to that particular comfort. HOW you deviate from emotionally over-eating starts with one idea…

You know how we visualize potential escape routes to get out of awkward situations? Think of your urge to reach for food worthy of creating options to get out of. For addictive, impulsive personalities, our downfall is that we trap ourselves in this one-way street mindset- There is no other option. If we take a second to remind ourselves that life is all about options, we give ourselves control again. It’s like a sport and you must create a strategy to win this one. When a full moon is out, I retract into my room, close the door, and just sit for a few minutes. What I really wanted to do was tear apart the entire kitchen but instead I created another option for myself. Yes, I was edgy for the rest of the night and I’m sure others in my household noticed my flaring mood swing but the people that matter in life, love and accept all of who I am. That thought alone will always be your hug.

So to kick emotional eating’s butt, work on an exit strategy. Stylize it anyway you want, but definitely take a moment to consider the other options.

...Because this is not a good look.

…Because this is not a good look.

Neither is this.

Neither is this.

***Small assignment for emotional, impulsive personalities: make a “Top Five Reasons Worth Living For” list. Not intended to be morbid but it’s nice to remind yourself especially for when those tough times roll up. This also helps our fleeting emotions re-fixate on things we love which eliminates a binge. One of mine happens to be music which is cool because if I’m feeling off, I can dive into a great song, dance to it, go for a drive filling my eardrums with it. There are so many other options that can keep us from taking it out on our bodies via calories. What’s in your Top Five? ;)