Customized Lifestyle Programs

In collaboration with CURE Program, Lisa has created a variety of opportunities to combine her unique coaching skills with the rejuvenation offered by a CURE Program Wellness Getaway.  These customized programs  allow you to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle experience while enjoying the luxury of a stay at one of  CURE Program’s affiliated resorts.

The three most popular programs are:

Grace and carefree


Weight Release and Recovery Program where guests learn how to handle stress,  manage your moods, develop supportive relationships, and create a healthy mental outlook.



African American Family


Thriving Through Tough Times Program is tailored to your goals and aids you through transitions and life changes.



girl with dandelion


Stress Recovery Program will pinpoint those areas of  stress that are limiting your life in the natural  beauty and serenity setting of a CURE  Program affiliate resorts.


You are encouraged to contact CURE Program and develop your own individualized program. You can base it on one of our popular programs or create it entirely based on your needs.