CURE Program Cares

StepLadder Initiative

Since 2005, upon the birth of their twins, the Waldrep’s have held a heart-felt drive to make a difference.  They have made it their mission to enable thousands of people to feel more positive about life and themselves.

The StepLadder Initiative offers clients the opportunity to participate in a unique philanthropic program developed by Lisa Janks Waldrep and her husband Dr. Waldrep. The StepLadder Initiative is a non-profit organization, financed by a percentage of CURE Program revenue. It gives individuals – who may otherwise be financially unable to experience the transformational services of CURE Program -the opportunity to do so at a substantially reduced cost. Recipients of StepLadder Initiative grants a re-entitled to receive customized benefits designed to help them engineer a more independent, healthy and empowered lifestyle. Each customized grant is designed by the world’s premier philanthropists working in collaboration with the founders of CURE Program.

Each year CURE Program meets to choose someone to indulge in the Ultimate Luxury Wellness Retreat Experience , all expenses paid!

We are choosing worthy recipients to stay with us and enjoy an incredible ‘Deluxe Package’, including your choice of luxury  transportation from the Burbank or Los Angeles airport to the  CURE Program. You’ll have your choice of an exotic adventure from world-class shopping to a gourmet meal with a private tour of a famous kitchen.  You will receive the highest level of personal attention, coaching, spa treatments and massages. All complimentary on us.

How to win this Wellness Getaway:

Submit an essay to between 500 and 1000 words in length describing your life now and what it would mean to you and your family if you were able to win our Wellness Get-Away Deluxe Package Give-a-Way with a recent photo.  Our team of dedicated transformation specialists will read all submitted essays to determine if you qualify as the recipient of this gift.  If you qualify, you will be sent a survey for completion. Returned surveys will be evaluated alongside the essays to determine the winner. The winner will be announced on our website, press releases, and media outlets.

One of the most important aspects of transformation is the belief that you are worthy as you are. When our team sees the potential for a huge breakthrough to occur, we believe that you the ability to sustain that breakthrough and experience an enduring transformation.

Thank you again for your interest in the CURE Program Deluxe Package Give-a-Way.

Best of luck. We are rooting for you!