Complimentary Resources

Meet with the Doctor:

We are currently offering FREE appointments to meet with our surgeon. Our surgeon can provide explanations and answers after a brief review of your medical concerns. These appointments are limited; please contact us to arrange a time.

Open House:

Free Seminar

Support Party:

CURE Program believes in celebrating its patients and their unique success stories through a Support Party! These monthly parties allow patients to interact, be empowered, and learn powerful techniques. It is not a support group filled with static workshops and tool kits, it is a celebration of success to elicit self-discovery and provide access to the the revolutionary “Psychology of Eating” based plan.

Join with others, some who have undergone CURE Program weight loss surgery and others who have not,  family, friends, and your new extended CURE Program  family of support to discuss the challenges, adventures, foibles, and wondrous rewards on the journey toward your goal. Contact us for more information and reserve your spot at our next Support Party!

CURE Program News:

CURE Program send out a monthly newsletter covering weight loss topics, medical advances, inspiring  columns and healthy recipes! Sign up today!