Client Testimonials

Paul V.

As president of my own firm, I purchased your coaching sessions almost half-heartedly, intending to work a bit on my leadership skills. I thought I would just get some general support for my vision, because I felt I needed to implement some changes due to the economic times. But what I got was so much more.

Through your course, I learned amazing things about myself and the beliefs that I hold. Thanks to you, I became very clear on what is really important to me. What the course made me realize is that I wasn’t walking my own talk – even though I always believed that I was.

Because of you, I’ve learned to be more true to myself, and my life and company has flourished as a result. We just won two awards for customer service in our industry… all directly linked to the wisdom you so generously shared with me.

Through your sessions, I gained a breakthrough understanding of the way I had been living. I also gained a new clarity on who I want to be as a person – in my roles as husband, father, leader, and member of the community.

I realized that reinventing myself was totally possible, and I am no longer willing to just quietly accept my circumstances as they are presented. I have learned that I can constantly choose the way that I want to respond to my circumstances.

But best of all – your course brought it all together for me. You showed me that I can live life larger than I ever thought possible. I can have it all. And I can be an empowering leader and bring the same things you gave me to the lives of others.

Most importantly, I learned about the power of having a clear intention and the success that comes from that. You showed me what it takes to make that way of living my success a daily habit.

Your courses have been so inspiring. They have changed my way of life and have had a profound impact on my business. My staff thinks you are a hero. You should know that you’ve helped me develop the greatest work environment an employee could ever want; a place where people are devoted to positively impacting the lives of others, all while loving where they “get” to work.

Sincerely, in thanks.