Kick Emotional Eating’s Butt!


Today’s topic is being addressed by an emotional eater so we’re all in this together. For those who isolate themselves in being the worst case of emotional eating, I challenge you to keep reading. I prefer to not slate the statistics of emotional eating because truthfully, human beings are emotional no matter which way you […]

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Nutritional Balance

In a world where the green mermaid and big golden arches can be found at every street corner, we eas[...]

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The Body Issue

It’s that time of the year again! We’ve all been there. Approaching the cashier at our l[...]

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Unprocessed foods may be more fattening than healthier fast-food options

  An article recently published by The UK Daily Mail describes the controversy surrounding Auth[...]

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Green Pizza Recipe

At CURE Program, we encourage others to try healthy recipes. We love the green pizza recipe from eat[...]

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